POTY Rules for 2018

1. Photos must be taken in the TWELVE MONTHS prior to the date of the competition.

If the entry does not meet the Date requirements it will be disqualified and NO POINTS will be awarded

This requirement may be dropped in the case of special competitions, in which case members will be notified in advance.

2. You MUST rename the Filename of photo to include your category code first (Beginners - Be, Intermediate - In, Advanced - Ad) then you own name, then a title (or use the Theme Title)

e.g (Be_JoeBloggs_landscape.jpeg) or (In_MaryMurphy_mountain.jpg)

3. EXIF Data should be left intact so that date of photo and other information is available to the judges; as this may help in formulating their comments. Ideally no means of identifying the photographer should be left in the EXIF data. If you are not sure of how to do this, please inform the Competition Secretary.

4. Two Members will be selected to judge each competition. In the event of either one or both of these having an entry in that competition a third judge will mark the entries. Different Judges will be appointed for each competition

5. Only photos sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be entered, into the competition - no other email address can be used

It is also recommended that the Words POTY and the Theme are included in the subject line of the e-mail (for example; POTY Entry for Portrait)

6. Photos must be submitted before 23:59 on Tuesday  TWO weeks prior to the Tuesday night meeting so that photos can be compiled and submitted to judges in time for review.

7. Members who do not have internet access and can't email their entry may bring their image along on a memory stick to the meeting held two weeks in advance of the competition.

8. Photos must be resized to 2400 pixels on the longest side. Save image as a 'jpeg'. If the image does not comply with the sizing rules it will only be given 1 point. This will be decided by the Competition Secretary and the image will not be sent for judging.

9. Photos which do don't conform to the subject (theme) for that competition will only be given 1 point. The decision regarding suitability to the theme is final and therefore not open to discussion. This will be decided by the Competition Secretary and the image will not be sent for judging.

10. Each photo can be awarded up to a total 20 Marks per judge – the average of the 2 scores is then to be awarded. Up to five marks are awarded under each of 4 headings namely.

              • Exposure

              • Sharpness

              • Composition

              • Impact


11. No Frames or other form of edge definition may be used.

12. Only 1 photo can be submitted per person and changing your mind after submission is not allowed.

13. Photos must be submitted with the correct size and orientation - please do not request for resizing or rotating to be done for you.

14. All entries must be solely the work of the Entrant.

15. Promotion to the next category will be decided on the Total score over the year.

16. The Overall winner in each category will be decided on the TOTAL MARKS over the total number of competitions.

(16 for 2018 including 4 Print Competitions)